Tester Instalation and Training

I have installed Schulze RST, Brookfield Engineering PFT, E&G Associates iShear, and Freeman Technology FT4 testers.  The testers are computer controlled and therefore easy to use, but users do not always know how to select the appropriate inputs and how to apply the test results.  Shear cell testers are a big investment.  Training allows investigators to use the equipment to its fullest capability.


Seminars and Workshops

I enjoy providing training on measuring bulk solids flow properties, designing powder handling equipment, and solving solids handling problems.  Instructors of similar courses are hesitant to provide all the details as often their goal is to provide testing services, consult, or sell equipment.  My objective is to give you enough knowledge to allow you to measure solids flow properties, design equipment, and solve powder flow problems on your own.  I tailor my sessions to meet clients' specific needs.  I provide the text book that I wrote for my University of Rhode Island powder handling course.  I have found that most references are challenging to read unless you have a mechanical engineering background or are too simplied to be useful.



I offer spreadsheets that allow users to determine critical hopper outlet dimensions, recommended mass flow hopper angles, and solids discharge rates from shear cell and permeability test results.  Some testers have hopper design software, but they frequently make bold assumptions that are not always valid.  My spreadsheets are very flexible and use analyses developed by Andrew Jenike and TUNRA.Bulk Solids.